AW22 Moodboard

For our first collection we wanted to create something that visually represented the essence of BPM and that is nostalgia. See below for our 3 theme boards, which ended up becoming our first BPM collection. 



Life on Mars isn’t just a song- Apres Ski on Mars is the best way to describe Cyborg. With the recent discovery of water on it’s surface-it's likely we are closer than ever to escaping the planet we once called home. If Bladerunner, Barberella and Fruits Magazine had a baby it would be Cyborg. Super Kawaii graphics, interesting print techniques and super cute kitschy accessories are combines with juicy, high shine and padded textures (Mars is -60 on a good day) This trend is every bit nostalgic as it is futuristic.






Avant Apocalypse

Just when we thought we were safe! Pack up your things and head into the woods! Think end of the world neutral maximalism mixed with cabin core. Layering is key, and is all about texture, sexy cut our poster girl shapes are met with apocalypse nibbles. Your house of Sunny Peggy cards has transformed into a nibbled mess, your jeans are oversized and frayed but not in an ironic way. Prints come from nature , think waste tones and lumberjack shapes. We are keeping warm and safe from zombies in chainmail knits, bobbly Borgs. There is no right or wrong way to style this- after all it’s the end of the world and nobody cares!






Not a Phase-  Tumblr, Indie kids, provocative ads, foam parties and msn- it was never a phase. Think tiny Avril Lavigne came tees with huge parachute pants, chunky stripe jumpers mixed with your fave Hooch pom pom jacket. Cult movies, iconic teen angst album cover and scene kids are the main influence along with your fave Emo song/ Msn status. *panic at the disco plays in the distance*





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